Gracewood Holistic Healing

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a safe, nurturing and diverse space for you to disconnect, slow down and find balance within.

Welcome to Gracewood.

A safe, nurturing and diverse space. 

Just like the Wood energy within us all, it is flexible, yielding and strong.

Wood expands from its centre.

Where there is excess Qi or energy throughout the system, Wood energy is the root of stopping all extremes.

Gracewood is a safe space to release, regulate and ‘smooth things out’

Gracewood simply can’t be contained or defined to one stand alone treatment space.

Just like you and I,  Gracewood and its offerings are ever changing, growing and expanding.

Gracewood is here to bring us together. 

To inspire. 

To hold us dearly whilst we return to our centres.

From there, we grow.

Hi, I'm Erica. A proud Wiradjuri woman currently based in Biripi Country, Port Macquarie NSW.

I am a certified Intuitive bodyworker with specialist experience within Therapeutic Massage, Traditional Energy Healing and Skin Therapy.

I passionately believe in the power of touch and movement to assist in healing the body naturally.

My offerings are holistic and honest. 

When I work with my clients, I take not just the physical body into deep consideration but I hold space for the mind, spirit, and emotions of each client too -

As I strongly believe this is the path to true overall healing. 

There is no better result than each client leaving, looking and feeling completely fresh, rejuvenated and new. 

Self-Care is SO important and so often neglected in this busy society we currently live in and  it is my absolute pleasure to provide a space for you to release, regulate and 'smooth things out' 


"Feel it to Free it"

- Erica Grace


Energy healing

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Womb healing


MOther + Child


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Receiving a distant healing from Erica delivered me to such a beautifully peaceful, integrated and content state of mind, body and spirit. 

I smiled and laughed, as all of the fragmented parts of my heavy journey this year slotted into divine place and brought me back into a tangible state of wholeness.

Every little peice found its home,

Every little feeling merged together,

into acceptance + celebration.

Tears of peacefulness flowed as i smiled and said aloud,

"What a beautiful gift"

This was just the integrative magick my Spirit needed after an incredibly challenging year...

Thankyou Erica. Our session tied up my loose ends + delivered me back to my heart in full.

- Gina Louise

Kind Words

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I had one of the best massages of my life with the amazing Erica - she listened to my needs and delivered the massage with such skill. The space is absolutely beautiful, everything is clean and quiet and soft, and you’ll feel completely nurtured from the minute you walk in. My wish would be to get one every week

- Steph

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Erica is an extremely gifted healer. She has a natural talent for creating a safe space and making you feel seen, heard and held.

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving reiki from Erica in person and it is a truely nourishing experience.

Having never received a distant healing before, I wasn’t to sure what to expect but it’s safe to say that my experiences with Erica have been above and beyond any expectations.

She has helped me work through strong and painful emotions, let go of emotional blockages I didn’t even realise I was carrying, and release tears that weren’t flowing. All while making me feel truely held. These healings have been powerful, and deeply nourishing. 

I would recommend the experience to everyone and I will keep coming back for more!

- Estelle


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