Why 'Gracewood' Holistic Healing?

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My name is Erica Grace. 

My nan calls me Gracewood - after the garden she still tends to today. 

My most treasured memories are within this garden.

Wiradjuri country. 

“It’s where the fairies play” my nan would say.

Nature has always been my anchor. 

Under the trees is where I have always found my stillness.

“Throw your hands up to the air and release it back to the Mother” my nan says -

I couldn’t agree more.

I am an Intuitive Bodyworker and Reiki + Sekhem Master with a passion for sound, movement and connection to others.

I am no guru, I am just like you. 

I learn alongside you. 

I have worked within the spa/wellness industry for over 7 years now but the journey of healing and sharing this gift spans over generations and lifetimes.

I provide an array of customised treatments and a general safe space for my clients to get back in touch with themselves whilst feeling at ease and having fun.

This is all done in a professional manner through 1:1 intuitive sessions that may include therapeutic massage, simple meditative exercises, guided embodied movement and sound therapy. 

Gracewood is a bridge that brings people together.

I intend to bring forth an ancient way of connecting into modern times through circles and 'meet-ups' 

To remember the power of holding space for not only ourselves as individuals but alongside others also.

An opportunity to create ritual through breath, story telling, art and dance. 

An opportunity to create community.


 My goal is for Gracewood to be an approachable, down-to-earth platform and not just targeted for the 'spiritually' inclined.


My Approach

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I wish to provide a safe, nurturing yet sturdy space for people of all ages and backgrounds who are in need of physical and mental release through an alternative, professional and holistic approach.

A space that allows you to cultivate peace in your heart and a feeling of anchoring into your body. 

I care because I believe this particular area of work for others is deeply needed and lacking within today's current society.

I understand this is an alternative health option and in our western society, at times it can be deeply misread or dismissed.

These offerings stem right back ... I will continue to share the importance of these traditional ancestral healing methods whilst providing an experience that is affordable and accessible for many. 


My goal is to create a ripple effect and reach as many clients as I can through an array of unique and personal settings such as in clinic, markets, disability support and community gatherings. 




Erica will return to the treatment space for 1:1 healings from July 3rd 2021.


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All future booking queries + questions can be sent via Email or Instagram.