A Gracewood Premium Offering

The Rhythm of Women

Every woman, a creator.

Each womb, holds wisdom.

Are you ready, to reclaim?

Are you ready, to remember?


The Energy within your menstrual cycle is

Wild Power.

Imagine a world where a woman's Menstrual Cycle is respected as a Spiritual practice...

Imagine being provided a map that provides a deeper ancient understanding and love for your cycle - from the very first bleed.

Imagine the women that would evolve from this journey...

DSC_1053export final.jpg

Releasing, Remembering,

Reigniting & Reclaming.

Lets join forces.

I am here to walk alongside you on the journey of Womb reconnection.

I am here to hold space as you return home to your most raw woman.

Together, lets rise above the constraints that we may have all faced throughout our lives in modern day society -

Anxiety, Depression, Hormonal imbalances, Missing cycles, Sexual abuse, Domestic Violence, Bullying - all forms, Negative self talk.