Remember your Dadirri.

Deep and respectful listening.

"A bend of the knees"

An opportunity to sit down, truly listen and in-turn build community.

Dadirri is in everyone - It is not just an aboriginal thing.

Dadirri recognises the deep spring that is inside of us.

We call on it and it calls on us.

This is the gift that modern Australia is thirsting for and missing.

Dadirri is deep contemplation - To be made whole again.

Sit on the river bank... stand barefoot on the earth in silence...

Take your time... There is no need for words...

Dadirri is listening.

"Aboriginal people have been practicing 'mindfulness' for thousands of years...

There is no need to reflect or do a lot of thinking, you just need to be aware"

- Miriam Rose

Remember your Dadirri.

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