Tune out... Listen in

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"Sound. Ordered sound is music. My life is music."

- Erica

Music as medicine

A new sound to your ear

Updated Monthly+Seasonally

If you know me, you know I enjoy life to feel like one big moving soundtrack. That's how it should be, I believe.


It's a beautiful obsession of mine - feeling into what we are all working with in the cosmos and day to day life at the time whilst creating a sound that helps us along the ride. 


So, i'd like to start sharing my public playlists, as I'm sure there are a few keen listeners out there like myself.


Might be your vibe, might not.

Jump on the journey, take what you wish

and f#*k the rest!



 Spotify  ~






Gracewood -


Pure Zen.



Umbra -

A total shadow. The dark side of the moon.



Aurora -

A journey to dawn.




Breathe and burn.


Listen into


Winter + Leo Season  ~

Golden Chords -

Good morning + Good night.

Groove a little -

Shake ya hips. Kiss those lips.



Her Revolution -

A Pheonix Phenomena. 

Now Listening ~

Maria Somerville - Early Bird Residency

Astro Forecast + Podcast Favourites ~

Chani Nicholas 

Horoscope + Astrology Forecast + Spotify Playlist Queen

Lindsay Mack -

Intuitive Tarot + Spirit Led Offerings


Community Network

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Embracing our community power is how we shift culture and that is exactly the movement that I wish for Gracewood to be apart of.

Together, these powerful women and I have weaved our unique magic through the most challenging yet healing of times as we each hold the same like-minded vision for the future -

To connect, share and heal.

As I hold space for you, these women have held space for me.


Soft Sense Healing

Herbalist + Energy Healing

Harmony in motion

Healer + Shiatsu massage + Yoga Nidra

The Hollow Store

Medicine Woman + Herbalist

Soma Yoni

Yoni + Womb Massage Therapist

Raphael - Healing + Alignment

Awakening Coach + Trauma Release Intuitive

Om Chi Reiki - School of Light

Teacher of the Energetic arts

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