Healing Of The Womb

Traditional Energy Healing

Reconnecting to the Heart + Awakening the Womb

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The womb.

A sacred space that holds pearls of wisdom, creative fire and the deep waters of emotion and life. 


The womb is where it all begins. 


An offering of unconditional love and deep respect.

This session will promote overall wellness for the energetic and emotional body but more so focuses in on healing and nurturing of the Heart and Womb space -

As they are both so intertwined. 


This treatment is a safe space for men and women of all ages and walks of life  - for those who have previously experienced any forms of sexual trauma or abuse.

A lack of sex drive, confidence or a feeling of disconnect with one’s sensual side. 

Women who have previously experienced miscarriage, abortion or suffering post-natal/partum depression - this offering is for you. 

The heart space is also nurtured through-out this treatment - Highly beneficial for anyone who has previously or currently experiencing any feelings of loss, heartbreak and/or separateness.


Subtle healing energies will begin to work through any emotional or traumatic blockages within these sacred areas throughout the session as well as the days to follow - Clients must be aware that the physical body takes some time to process such shifts, it is recommended to schedule this treatment with plenty of down time post-healing. 


Allowing space for remembrance and grief which always follows with acceptance, clarity and release.

You deserve that. 


  • 90mins+  starting at $150

(Flexible payment plans + options available - just ask!)

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